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Smile no. 8

This week has been a smileful week all round, it’s hard trying to pick one thing! I love lists, so here’s a list of things that have made me smile this week…

  • Bake Off is back in a fashion, and that is just great
  • I found a recipe for Banana Blueberry muffins that taste amazing (I’m always throwing out bananas, I like them basically green so as soon as they start getting brown spots I have to find something else to do with them!)
  • I had a day out in London this week with my favourite friends which involved pretending to be highly sophisticated ladies who lunch – we have to pretend because we’re all actually nuts – and a trip to Ben’s Cookies, possibly my favourite cookie-based establishment of all time, and much general hysteria
  • I made a good call at work on Friday, and that always feels good!
  • I passed an exam that is another hurdle towards finishing my degree
  • I re-wrote my recipe book with colourful pens so now it looks awesome
  • Last night we had dinner with friends and just sofa-crashed and chatted all evening which was just wonderful

So lots of smiley things this week, and they are all so smiley that it would be hard to choose just one!


Banana Blueberry Muffins…



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