#Smile’17 No. 1

So I started drafting a post back in January to kick off another year of weekly smiles and never posted it. So here we go again. Sunday smiling. This weekend I’ve been lucky enough to have most of my family in one place. A few people missing but near enough!  It has been wonderful to catch up and spend some time reminding ourselves that we are related! 

It has made be think about something I want to work on this year; keeping more actively in touch with people.  Social media is making it more and more easy to passively lose touch without even realising. It gives a false sense that we know what is going on with the people we care about because we liked the picture of their lunch last Wednesday.  So this year I am going to try and embrace the snail mail and take the time to find out what’s really going on with the people who are important to me. 

It will probably end up as per situation normal with a dressed envelopes sat for weeks/months/years waiting to be posted… but the intention will be there nonetheless! 

Wishing happy weeks all round,

LSO x 


Smile no. 11

Here’s to making progress!

This week has featured a lot of decisions, a lot of thinking and a lot of planning, but at the end of it, it’s starting to feel like life is starting to fit together. In my earlier posts, I’ve done a lot of talking about how I’m useless with uncertainty, and how there was a lot of it about at the time. There still is a fair bit, but things are looking clearer now.

I’m feeling a lot happier about the move in July, now that I have a rough idea of where we’ll be going, and I’m actually feeling a lot happier about actually starting the job too. I’ve been so incredibly lucky with my current placement, and one of my tutors in particular has been a real gem this week. There’s nothing worse than vague ‘it’s ok’ feedback. So when my tutor totally picked to bits what I’ve been falling short on, it left me feeling so much clearer about some of the things that have been holding me back. Some people might not have appreciated his total honesty, but to me it meant the world. For the rest of the week, I’ve been focusing on putting his advice to work, and have started to notice the difference, which has been fabulous!

Hooray for progress!


Smile no. 10

Huge smile this week… I found out that I have secured a post for August in the area I wanted. Although I still have a further stage of applications to secure the exact job and precise location, I know roughly which county I will be in for the next 2 years, and it’s the one I wanted!

It was just generally a very good week, especially Wednesday. A surprise day off due to an admin error meant that I had a lie-in – always much appreciated, and my wonderful other half surprised me with an evening of relaxing before the dreaded job allocation day. I came home to a bath with bubbles and candle, a 3 course dinner, and a rare evening where both of us were home together.

Smiles all round!


Smile no. 9

Somebody press pause!! Life is hurtling along a bit at the minute! I only have 6 weeks left of the final placement of my course, and only a few days until I find out where life will be taking me after the summer. 

This weekend we headed across country to see my boyfriend’s parents. It was lovely to spend time with them, and although part of the reason for going was a family funeral, it was great to be reminded how dynamic our families can be. Rows, bereavements and distances may split some ties wide open, but there are always new ones forming. We draw people in to our families, they become part of our story, and we become part of theirs. Families are not necessarily the ones you are first born into; they evolve around us, shaped by our lives and those of the people in it. 

I have a wonderful family, and though I may not speak to them or see them half as much as I would like, I am so happy to have them as characters in my story. My smile this week is the one put there by the people I care about more that anything; my wonderful, totally crazy but undeniably awesome family! 

LSO x 

Smile no. 7

The weeks are starting to fly… It is already halfway through February and I’m actually driving home in dusky half light rather than total darkness!

I’m halfway through my final placement now, and life is starting to get scary and busy. Between people coming to view the house, reams of paperwork that come with finishing a course, and just generally living, there hasn’t been a lot of time for much else!

My smile this week is a new discovery. I love finding new things, a new shampoo that smells yummy, a new restaurant, or in this case, a new candle that makes the entire house smell awesome. It’s a honey vanilla one from tesco, and nowhere near as expensive as its Yankee counterpart. I think it actually smells stronger too.


So my evenings this week have been spent basking in a yummy haze of honey-ness… Mmmmmm. I also liked it so much I bought a little car sachet thing too so I can enjoy it all over the place.


Smile no. 6

A few days behind this week… whoops!


I went out for a wander on Saturday, just to pick up a few bits and pieces, and just nipped in to L’Occitane. It’s not a shop I go into usually, it’s a little out of my student price range, but I find that their shea butter hand cream is one of the few that actually stops my knuckles cracking wide open, despite the large amount of handwashing I do in my job. (And it smells really good!)

When I got to the till, I was informed that that particular day, there was a promotion running whereby if I signed up to the emailing list, I would get a little gift bag, and 25% off my next shop. This seemed like a pretty good deal, and for the £8 I spent on my hand cream, I walked out with this lovely little pack also containing comfort cream, toner and cleanser, and a squirt of some very nice perfume on the tissue paper that made my living room smell nice for hours:


For the store, it’s just an easy passing way of getting more advertising to more people, but to me, it’s a little unexpected surprise treat that made my day. People say it’s all about the small things – and for me it really is. This put a smile on my face all afternoon! Simple things please simple minds? I’m not so sure. I reckon the people that can find the smiles in the small things are just happier people!


Smile no. 4

Well, this week, it’s more of a big cheshire cat grin!

Back in December, I had a very lonely birthday. I’d had a day out the day before with my boyfriend, but my actual birthday consisted of an academic progress meeting and a slightly less than exciting lecture, followed by a very lonely evening in. Being a December baby makes birthday arrangements tricky to start with, and this year my friends were all spread out across the country, throwing even more spanners in the already clogged up works! So anyways, long and short of it, I felt my birthday feeling a little sorry for myself, and totally fed up with adult life.

But I actually have the best friends. Last weekend, we managed to engineer a bit of catch-up time, where I was presented with this:

Caterpillar Cake!!I must have said at some point during one of our many reminiscing chats about the impending doom of adulthood that I’d always had a caterpillar cake at home for my birthday. So they decided the tradition should continue, regardless of the number of candles that definitely now don’t fit on the cake…!!

Of course, this did kind of mean relaxing the cold (chocolate) turkey January (See Hello World) for 1 day but I figure that it doesn’t count when it’s your own birthday cake!

It’s only really been over the last 12 months that I’ve realised how seriously great the people in my life are, and how much I really, really need them. They know who they are, and this is a thanks for being so awesome.